International Logistics Services



Project analysis focused on finding the best operational alternative.

This is one of the key elements of our corporation and has given sustained results in every assignment. Being able to integrate with our partners is an advantage and thus giving the best results at the moment of execution reducing all non-desired cost like demurrage and detention time. 


International Airfreight through our network of local and international alliances, covering many continents.

Dangerous Goods handling and delivering via chartered services providing door-door solutions.

Chartered dry cargo services.


Dry Cargo service in containers from Central America to anywhere in the world.

Flat Rack and Open Top alternatives for project and out of gage cargo.

Inland and regional ground service

Platform, Low Boy and closed container ground service for port operations and intraregional transportation from Mexico to Panama.

Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance services in Central America and USA with national reach via remote filing to Customs and OGA, providing swift actions to get the cargo released in record time, working on a 24×7 basis.

Special permits management from each local institution in Panama and El Salvador, anticipating each requirement for each import process including general and controlled chemical imports.

Special assets clearance including manufacturing plants, oversized and overweight machinery.

Ship to ship  and ship to onshore tanks fuel clearance and operations.

Temporary and special regime clearance.

International Trading Services

IBS and ILS seamlessly collaborate with clients, establishing ourselves as a pivotal partner for specialized sourcing of raw materials, spare parts, and finished products.

We provide a diverse range of supplies, from raw materials and others for power generation and maritime spare parts to grains and finished goods in the food industry, as well as electrical mobility solutions.

Leveraging our 4PL expertise, we adeptly negotiate various incoterms, ensuring prompt delivery for every purchase order.